Brechin RBS closure will increase digital divide

The proposed closure of the Royal Bank of Scotland branch in Brechin has been described as a “worrying move” by Angus MP Mike Weir.

Commenting on the announcement, on the same day as the bank announced their latest results, Mr Weir said

“This is yet another worrying move by the banking industry, and particularly the Royal Bank, which appears to be steadily abandoning smaller and more rural communities. Earlier this year they also closed their branch in Kirriemuir.”

“The Bank suggests that their customers can access services through the Post Office and use ATM machines but, with the best will in the world, that is hardly the same as being able to go into the branch.”

“All banks are pushing customers to do their banking business on line, but not everyone has access to broadband services or can use computers and the steady retreat of banking and other services are in danger of exacerbating the existing digital divide.”

“The closure of the branch is likely to see another large empty unit in our main street”.