Disappointment and frustration at Post Office changes

Angus MP Mike Weir has expressed his “disappointment and frustration” at the outcome of the public consultations on the move of post office services in Forfar and Kirriemuir.

Post Office limited have announced that both moves will be going ahead despite the concerns raised.

Commenting on the matter Mr Weir said

“I am disappointed and frustrated that yet again despite widespread public concern both these proposals are going ahead.”

“In both Forfar and Kirriemuir these are the only post offices serving the communities and both are now to be effectively changed from dedicated facilities to become parts of another business , however it may be dressed up as a “new style” Post office . “

“I met with Post Office Limited to personally raise many of the issues around both proposals as well as making detailed written observations on the particular problems relating to parking around the Forfar proposal, and I simply do not accept the Post Office view that the parking at the new location is “broadly comparable to the existing branch”. “

“What we are seeing in Angus is major changes in post office provision across the whole county with public consultation only being undertaken at a late stage when it often appears that we are being presented with a done deal. That does nothing to enhance public confidence in the process.”

“Whilst no one disputes that in some cases changes will be necessary, it is high time that Post Office limited took on board the huge public concern over the changes to their post office provision and engaged with the public at a much earlier stage to discuss any proposed changes”.