Mike and Nigel join Angus Food Bank collection

Angus MP Mike Weir and Nigel Don MSP met with volunteers from the Angus Foodbank collecting in the Tesco Montrose store on Friday.

The collection made by  volunteers over the weekend are to be increased by Tesco, who  were adding 30% to the amounts collected,  giving a very significant boost to the local foodbank.

Commenting Mr Weir said

“It was very good to meet the dedicated volunteers from Angus Foodbank and to support the initiative between the foodbank and Tesco.”

“The collection will add significantly to the goods that they have to help the very many families seeking their assistance.”

“Whilst it is unacceptable that in twenty first century Scotland there is a need for Foodbanks it is none the less good to see the community rallying round to help those who find themselves in need. Customers in the shop were very generous in donations to the appeal”

Nigel Don MSP Added

“I have been heartened by the response to this wholly unnecessary crisis within our communities. Whilst there should be no need for food-banks in as prosperous a country as Scotland I want to thank those who volunteer to staff them and the many others who generously give to help folk who are in such serious need.”



The attached photo shows Mr Weir , Mr Don and volunteers at Tesco Montrose