Mike calls for Treasury to take urgent action to protect oil and gas jobs

Following today’s debate in Westminster Hall on North Sea Oil and Gas industry employment, SNP energy spokesperson Mike Weir MP said:

“Reform to the oil and gas fiscal regime must not wait until the budget, but must be implemented now and this should include a commitment from the UK Government to a substantial reduction in the Supplementary Charge rate. In addition, faster progress is also required on the establishment of the Oil and Gas Authority.

“Further delays from the UK government on these areas are not acceptable. The North Sea has suffered from an unstable and unpredictable fiscal regime for decades and companies now need urgent action in order to avoid the premature decommissioning of assets and the loss of highly skilled workers.

“The Scottish Government is playing its part in supporting the oil and gas sector, with initiatives such as the Energy Jobs Taskforce and the apprenticeship guarantees announced last week, and its funding for the Oil and Gas Innovation Centre.

“Successive Westminster governments have been quick to squeeze the industry at any opportunity, but when support is needed they are far slower off the mark.

“A strong team of SNP MPs will ensure that the needs of the sector cannot be put on the back burner, and that Westminster takes the action that is needed to protect jobs in the sector.”


Debate  http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201415/cmhansrd/cm150120/halltext/150120h0001.htm#15012054000278