Mike calls on UK to take action on Trident

Angus MP Mike Weir joined fellow Parliamentarians in delivering a letter to the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street to mark the meeting in London of the Permanent Five (P5) nuclear weapons states urging the UK to tack action on nuclear disarmament and, specifically,  to scrap the Trident nuclear weapons system.

Commenting on the action Mr Weir said

“ The nuclear non proliferation treaty obliges the members of the P5 to work towards nuclear disarmament, yet each of them is committed to upgrading their nuclear weapons systems in the coming years. “

“As the host nation the UK should take a clear lead in calling for real movement towards nuclear disarmament.”

“The SNP have made it abundantly clear that to us that Trident is a red line issue in any post election negotiations. The horrendous sums of money to be spent on these weapons is horrendous and unacceptable.”