Mike expresses concerns over Arbroath Post Office changes

Angus MP Mike Weir has called upon people in Timbergreens and Cliffburn to take part in the consultation launched by Post Office Limited to changes in local post offices.

Commenting on the Timbergreens  proposal Mr Weir said

“This is the latest proposal from Post Office Limited to change post office services in Angus following upon recent proposed changes in Brechin, Edzell, Forfar, Kirriemuir and Westmuir. Yet again this has come out of the blue, with no prior notification or consultation with the community. “

“Post Office Limited insist the number of changes in Angus is coincidental but it is beginning to feel that our post office services are under siege. There have been substantial changes already and if all the latest go through the system will be unrecognisable from that which existed prior to the privatisation of Royal Mail and the establishment of Post Office Limited as a separate company.”

“ Whilst the move a few doors along of the Timbergreens office may turn out to be less controversial than many it is vitally important that all customers in the area look closely at what is proposed and make representations to Post Office Limited if they have concerns. Consumer Futures will also look at all changes from the consumer point of view. “

“Since the changes made on privatisation the consultation is the only means of influencing the decision since Ministers have now washed their hands of the Post Office despite the fact that it is public money that is financing the current “transformation “programme.

In respect of the Cliffburn proposals Mr Weir added that they would mean the removal of security screens and delivery of services from the till point but expressed concern at the way Post Office limited were dealing with changes throughout Angus

“I cannot believe that the number of changes now coming to Angus is a coincidence and it is deeply frustrating that Post Office Limited have adopted a “drip by drip” attitude to these change . This is doing absolutely nothing for their reputation.”