Mike gives support to campaign on sustainable development goals

Angus MP Mike Weir met with Patricia Millar, chair of the Arbroath Fairtrade Action Group to discuss their campaign for strong Sustainable Development Goals.

Mr Weir has long taken a strong interest in fair trade issues and supported the group’s campaigns, including their successful push for Arbroath to become a Fair Trade town and Angus a Fair Trade County.

Commenting on the meeting Mr Weir said

“Fair Trade is an essential part of world trade and gives producers a real chance to take control of their own lives and, by investing the fair trade premium in their own communities, provide better lives for their families.”

“ It would be an absolute disaster if changes in EU regulations and international trade deals such as The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) undermined the excellent work that has been done to promote fair trade and help producers over so many years.

“It is essential that the UK government stands up for Sustainable Development Goals that help producers not hinder them.”

Mrs Millar added

“Unfair subsidies, unreasonable regulations, self imposed trade tarrifs and one sided trade deals supported by the UK government prop up British and European interests, but they can do harm to poor farmers and workers blocking them from building up their businesses and forcing them out of markets.”

“David Cameron has a unique opportunity to ensure the UK’s leadership on international and development issues and get a fair deal for producers.”