Mike meets Climate Change activists

Angus MP Mike Weir met with climate change activists from across Scotland at a mass lobby of Westminster to try and persuade the UK government to take stronger action on Climate Change ahead of the Paris summit in December.

Thousands of people supporting a coalition of charities and faith groups which included Christian Aid, SCIAF and Oxfam, lobbied MPs on the issue.

Commenting Mr Weir said

“Climate change remains a serious threat to our planet and it is vital that governments all over the world take the issue seriously. After the disappointments of previous summits it is vital that progress is made at the Paris conference.”

“In Scotland the Scottish Government has taken a strong stance on climate change and in pushing for renewable energy but the UK government has lagged behind. Indeed the day after the lobby the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change announced the early withdrawal of assistance for onshore wind, a move that will damage a growing industry and set back attempts to combat climate change.”



The attached photo shows Mke Weir MP with activists and fellow MPs in Westminster Hall