Mike obtains guarantee over seasonal workers

Angus MP Mike  Weir has received a guarantee from the Home Secretary that there will be no changes in the rules allowing seasonal workers from other EU nations to come to the UK whilst we remain in the EU.

Mr Weir has been pursuing the issue since being approached by firms in his constituency after it was suggested that the rules would be altered as soon as Article 50 was triggered

Commenting on the matter Mr Weir said

“ Many fruit and vegetable growers in Angus and throughout Scotland rely on temporary migrant labour to pick their produce and have already entered into contracts for the coming summer season.”

“Had the UK government altered the rules to prevent them coming it would have caused havoc in these industries leaving fruit and vegetable unpicked and severely undermining an important area of our economy. “

“Many firms had already entered into contracts for the coming season and flights have been booked. Many also stood to lose substantial sums of money.”


“I am pleased that the Home Secretary has rowed back from the suggestion that the rules would be altered and has given me an assurance that my constituents and other firms can safely implement their contracts /.”