Mike opposes changes to child poverty statistics

Angus MP Mike Weir has welcomed the announcement from Social Justice Secretary Alex Neil MSP that the UK governments attempt to change the definition of child poverty – that would exclude working households – will not be replicated in Scotland.

The changes being brought in by the Tory government will see the hugely significant problem of in-work poverty completely ignored and also remove the UK government from statutory targets.

Commenting, Mr Weir said

“The UK government is cynically changing the definitions rather that seriously tackling the problem of child poverty. They are attempting to hide the effects of their tax and benefit changes on working families in Angus and across Scotland.”

“If these changes were to happen in Scotland, it would mean that 120,000 children who live in in-work poverty households would be completely ignored. It is therefore absolutely the right thing to do and I applaud Alex Neil for the decision.

“Whilst the Scottish Government is focusing on doing what is in the best interest for Scotland’s children, the Tories are focused on making their austerity-driven cuts and hiding the evidence.


“This is one of many measures in the welfare bill, currently going through Westminster,  that I and my SNP  colleagues will oppose vociferously”