Mike Re- elected

Mike has been  re elected as MP for Angus, more than trebling his majority. Mike achieved just over 54% of the votes cast and a majority of 11,230.

Speaking after the declaration of the result Mike said

“I thank the people of Angus for again putting their trust in me and the SNP to represent them at Westminster. I will continue to represent all the people of Angus to the best of my ability, whatever way they voted.”

“This has been a fantastic result with a substantial increase in our vote and majority. It also has been a great night for the SNP winning 56 out of Scotland’s 59 seats. In this election we were the only party who put forward an anti austerity measure and made the case for investment in those things that matter most to the people of Scotland.”

“We will be taking that strong message to the House of Commons and fighting for a better future for Angus and for Scotland.”


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