Mike seeks further information regarding Westmuir Post Office closure

Angus MP Mike Weir has expressed grave concern at the news that the Westmuir Post office is to close, the latest in a line of changes in the Angus area.

Commenting on the matter Mr Weir said:

“This is the latest blow to the Post Office network in Angus and will be a particular blow to the Kirriemuir area following the fiasco around the main Post Office in the town.”

“Post Office limited say the closure of Westmuir is due to the resignation of the Postmaster and the shop no longer being available for post office use. Whilst these may be matters beyond their control it is imperative that Post Office Limited very quickly establish an alternative service for the village, especially since Westmuir was used as an alternative whilst the Kirriemuir office was closed.”

“I have asked Post Office limited for more information on what is happening in Westmuir and pressing for urgent action.”

“This is the latest blow to post office services in Angus following the fiasco over the Kirriemuir office and the controversy over the proposals to move the Forfar office. This is doing nothing to enhance the reputation of the company.”

“Ever since the privatisation of Royal Mail and the split between the two companies there has been a steady reduction in services, yet government ministers have washed their hands of the whole matter claiming Post Office limited is now an independent company despite the fact it is wholly owned by the UK government and taxpayers money is being used to finance changes in the network. This is deeply frustrating to put it mildly.”