Mike supports bill to end violence against Women and Girls

ANGUS MP Mike Weir has pledged to support an upcoming Private Member’s Bill (PMB) which would require the UK Government to legally commit to providing a better framework for addressing violence against women and girls, by making the Istanbul Convention law in the UK – if successful. This legislation requires the UK to take measures to prevent violence against women, protect women experiencing violence, and prosecute perpetrators.

This Bill has cross party support and if it becomes law would see the UK take a proud commitment to ending gender based violence and taking the next steps in securing a safe future for women and girls.

This legislation is needed because on average in Scotland in 2014/15, 1,797 rapes and 104 attempted rapes and 59,882 incidents of domestic abuse were recorded by the police.

Mike Weir MP said

 “I want to end violence against women and girls in the UK, and I therefore support the Istanbul Convention becoming  law, which has to come through the UK Government. I urge other MPs to do the same.

Jenn Selby, a campaigner and survivor says: “When I think of all the brave women I’ve met on my way through the system, I wonder how many of them made it. The  current legal framework did more to see our perpetrators walk free than to keep us alive. This convention would end this.

Rachel Nye, Co-director of the campaign, says: We need a strategic plan for addressing violence against women and girls, and the Istanbul Convention has already done the strategizing. We just need to put it into practice.”





 The attached photo shows Mike Weir MP with Richard Arkless MP, Eilidh Whiteford MP ( who is bringing forward the bill) Dr Marsha Scott of Scottish Womens Aid and Angela Crawley MP