Mike welcome for UNESCO move on Declaration of Arbroath

Angus MP Mike Weir has welcomed reports that the Declaration of Arbroath is to be named a “Memory of the World” by UNESCO.

Mr Weir had previously supported the campaign to have Arbroath Abbey named as a World Heritage Site and led a Parliamentary debate on the subject.

“It is fantastic news that the Declaration of Arbroath is to be named as a “Memory of the World”. This acknowledges the huge influence that the document has had not only on Scottish history but on the world.

‘Its influence has been felt as far afield as the United States and its Declaration of Independence, as was recognised by the US Congress instituting the annual Tartan Day.”

“I hope that this decision will increase interest in the Declaration both at home and abroad and will also lead UNESCO to consider again the claim for the recognition of Arbroath Abbey as a world heritage site. “



Mr Weir has lodged a motion in Parliament welcoming the news in the following terms 

That this House notes that the Declaration of Arbroath has been recognised as a UNESCO “Memory of the World”. Welcomes the recognition of the international importance of the document , its influence on democracy and the significant impact upon the Declaration of American Independence; Recognises the long campaign for recognition of the importance of the Declaration and hopes that now this has been recognised UNESCO will again look at granting world heritage status to Arbroath Abbey”.