Mike welcomes Scottish Government fracking moratorium

Angus MP Mike Weir has warmly welcomed the announcement from the Scottish Government that there is to be a moratorium on fracking in Scotland.Angus

Mr Weir has opposed fracking, licences for which have been offered by the UK government for large areas of Scotland, including parts of Angus.

Commenting Mr Weir said

“I am very pleased that the Scottish Government have acted on the very real concerns that there have been over fracking and announced that no planning applications will be granted whilst the whole issue is further investigated. This is a cautious and sensible approach that will be a huge relief to many communities in Angus and throughout Scotland.”

“This issue could have been settled earlier if the UK government had agreed to speed up the transfer of licensing powers to Scotland instead of insisting on waiting until after the General Election or if Labour MPs had joined me and my colleagues in supporting a UK wide moratorium on Monday’s vote in the House of Commons.”

“I do remain concerned as to whether a moratorium based on planning is challengeable, whilst a ban on issuing licences certainly would not be the Scottish Government have gone as far as they can under the powers which they currently hold.”